Sanborn Advertising Agency is different from every other advertising agency in the region and probably in the world.

The primary difference is that Sanborn Advertising does not take a commission on media placement. The largest part of almost every campaign is the purchase of advertising and dealing with the various media. Other agencies place the ads with the radio stations, television stations, newspapers, etc. The media sends the agency the invoice, which they then mark up, up to 15 percent, and they then bill you and pay the media when you pay them.

Sanborn Advertising clients receive a bill for the work it does as well as all the bills from the media. The client writes more checks, but they save up to 15 percent.

No agency can have the very best people to fill all the different advertising needs of every client. Many such professionals perfect their skills in their particular discipline at advertising agencies and then venture out on their own.

Sanborn Agency uses the very best independent professionals to bring the client the best possible result.

For photography, Sanborn Advertising Agency uses Sid Spelts Photography. Mr. Spelts has one of the best resumes in the region for product photography, including many years as a Better Homes & Gardens product photographer, personality photography for companies like Maytag (Remember Mr. Lonely?).

For web site development, Sanborn Advertising uses Black Hills Online and Black Hills Computer Consulting, Inc. Both of these companies specialize in HTML programming, which remains the fastest and most effective web development.

For social media projects, we use StraightForward Media and Josh Barsch. Josh and his company are, without question, the region's best source for effective search engine marketing and adword management.

For television production, Sanborn most often uses Jay Roman, who has the best video production resume in the Black Hills region with projects on several major cable networks.

Radio production is done with the best voices available in the market. This changes from ad to ad, depending on what kind of voice is required. When necessary, out of market voices are used.

In the end, the client pays less for the best. Only Sanborn Advertising will provide these services without taking a commission on them. And, in the end, everyone's primary concern is the success of your company.

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