There are a lot of different reasons a business will hire an advertising agency. The most common reason is time management, and the realization that a greater degree of advertising and marketing expertise is warranted if a business is to grow.

Time management is a key. For example, there are currently more than 30 radio stations and translaters serving the Rapid City market. Some media representatives sell more than one station. But, most businesses (retail in particular) are visited by multiple radio advertising representatives each week.

Television in the Black Hills includes two cable providers who sell ads and four network affiliates. Each has their own ad salespeople. There are numerous newspapers held by several newspaper companies. Black Hills magazines include Visitor, Faces, Black Hills Woman, Down Country Roads and more. Several "shoppers" and coupon publications also have ad salespeople looking for a share of your advertising budget. There are two companies selling billboards, and others who sell positions on rack card displays.

An advertising agency can make all those salespeople go away and free your time for the management of your business.

Some companies have seen fit to develop an in-house advertising agency, hiring advertising professionals to exclusively deal with the media and the promotion of their products, while administering cooperative advertising offers. These companies are generally selling large-ticket items and have very large advertising budgets.

Many businesses do not generate the business to justify hiring advertising staff. For these companies, an agency can provide an affordable path to successful advertising and marketing.

If you want your business to grow; if you know what sets you apart from your competition but don't know how to tell potential customers; if you are looking for new customers but don't know where to find them, an advertising agency is the right place to start.

A caveat: If you believe that advertising is an expense and not an investment, you're doing it wrong, and probably need an agency. If you are not seeing a return on your advertising investment, you're doing it wrong and probably need an advertising agency.

It is our goal to build a relationship with our clients with the common goal of improving their business. If we fail, we expect you to go elsewhere.

There are numerous quality advertising agencies in the Black Hills region. We hope you choose us. However, if you believe you need an advertising agency, please choose a local one. Numerous agencies in the Black Hills, can provide any level of service and creativity obtainable from an out-of-market firm.

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