Most Advertising Agencies are eager to show you that they can make a flashy website. Sanborn Advertising is more interested in creating an effective website.

Sanborn Advertising is not interested in developing websites using Flash™ a product from the Adobe company, that the company itself is considering abandoning completely.

Flash™ is a program that allows the developer to create a lot of fancy, moving parts on a website. But some browsers don't like a lot of Flash™. Tablets and smart phones do not support Flash™.

Furthermore, designing flashy web sites costs the client a whole lot more than clean, simple easy-to-navigate web sites.

Sanborn Advertising has the philosophy that people go to business websites to get valuable information about products and services. If your product is not entertainment, then information should be effectively presented on a website that is easy to navigate and is supported by every possible browser. This website has been built in HTML. The animation on the home page showing my logo being written, is an animated gif, which is supported by all browsers as well as smart phones and tablets. It's effective, doesn't require a lot of bandwidth and search engines will not penalize the site for including it.

For that reason, this web site and those Sanborn Advertising designs for clients are built in HTML. At the end of the day, a web site serving the client's needs is more important than one that wins design awards.

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