The people who help make your advertising decisions are among the most important in your organization. They are responsible for bringing you new business and retaining the clients you already have.

So, choosing an agency that fits your company's goals is crucial. The first step is to meet with the principals of the agency and the representative who will be handling your account.

If you are interested in touring their facility choose to meet in their office. But, I believe you are at an advantage if you meet in your facility. A truly interested agency will want a tour of your facility, and will want to have the clearest possible understanding of your business and your expectations. That's simpler to accomplish on your own ground.

Pay attention to how that meeting goes. Are the agency representatives spending more time talking about how many services they provide or are they asking questions about your company? Are they quick to tell you about your business and what you're doing wrong?

Nobody knows your business better than you do. Choose an agency that understands that.

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